Safety for Transport and Logistics

Dangerous Goods SystemBox GSB:
Firecare-PRO TL

The new “Dangerous Goods SystemBox GSB” is a new development of the GoStore-Box which offers a solution to a multitude of problems arising from the transport of dangerous goods or the storage of hazardous substances. Used as an “overpack”, packages of hazardous materials it can be safely transported in compliance with relevant regulations and guidelines (e.g., ADR, RID, GGVSEB, TRGS 510, etc.). The novel and innovative load securing system “LasiFix” allows for the most effective securing of the contained packages.

The GSB dangerous goods system box is also a safe storage location for hazardous substances indoors and outdoors. As a “portable container” it complies with the Technical Rule for Hazardous Substances TRGS 510.

The ever-expanding lithium-ion batteries offer numerous advantages for the storage of energy. They have found their way into all areas of daily life. However, the transport and storage of these batteries is a major problem that is often difficult or impossible to solve. The GSB solves many transport and storage problems (even when transporting defective or damaged batteries in accordance with Multilateral Agreement M 259, section 1.5). 1 ADR).

The use of a world first, namely Firecare, the world’s first unpressurized gas extinguishing system. It offers the highest level of safety, which in the case of a fire results from unpressurized dispensing of appropriate extinguishing agents, energy-independency that can be used in any location – a true milestone in fire protection technology.

The advantages of GSB at a glance:

  • It solves a multiple of problems arising from the transportation of dangerous goods
  • Outer packaging in compliance with the relevant regulations and guidelines
  • Available with the LasiFix load securing system
  • Optionally available with Firecare, the first unpressurized, gas-free object extinguishing system
  • Can be used independently of energy at any location
  • Not declared as dangerous goods, therefore can be used as a transport solution for dangerous goods in air traffic
  • GPS tracking possible