Innovative Technology

Constant Extinguishing Performance

Constant spray characteristics without propellants, aerosols or compressed air

“Make Safety Available” – Firecare fire fighting systems were developed and manufactured for this purpose. As long as a fire is still small, it can be extinguished by simple means. Due to its fire suppression power, its handling and its dimensions, the system can be used in many areas, especially where there is a constant risk of fire or where the cause of the fire is difficult to access.

Low pressure with constant extinguishing power

In contrast to the currently known and commercially available fire extinguishers or extinguishing spray cans, the system contains no propellants, aerosols or compressed air. The spray behavior is practically constant during the entire dispensing period.

While conventional powder fire extinguishers operate with gas pressures up to 20 bar and extinguishing spray cans up to about 10 bar, the Firecare system is a low-pressure system with a fluid pressure of about 2 bar. Firecare keeps this pressure constant and ensures the required dispensing distance during the entire extinguishing process of the extinguishing agent. The amount of energy contained in the system thus corresponds to only a fraction of the energy in conventional systems and eliminates the risk of explosion by eliminating compressed gases. Even in the case of wanton destruction or burning of the system, there is no danger at all for the user.

The use of a patented pump system enables the Firecare system to be used in any position.

No danger of explosion!

The system does not require any propellants, aerosols or compressed air in order to dispense the extinguishing agent. It excludes any risk of explosion which are associated with compressed gas dispensing.

Even in the case of wanton destruction or burning, there is no danger for the user – the Firecare system simply leaks.

An eye on the environment

Upon selection of the extinguishing agent, great importance was placed on biodegradability. There is no harmful PFOS / PFOA (perfluorooctanesulfonate / perfluorooctanoic acid). Also, the extinguishing agent does not contain any other fluorosurfactants. These are usually non biodegradable and may be deposited in the body, in which case they can still be detected after years and are suspected of promoting cancer.

The Firecare system also does not contain extinguishing powder, which avoids consequential damage. These can be significant, as the large dust cloud from extinguishing salts spreads far beyond the source of the fire and can be inhaled. Extinguishing powder has a strong corrosive effect in combination with the humidity. The varying Firecare extinguishing systems are all equipped with biodegradable, liquid extinguishing agents. Residues of the extinguishing agent can simply be wiped away after the extinguishing process and wetted surfaces can be cleaned with clear water.


  • immediate extinguishing performance at the source of fire
  • Extinguishing possible in any orientation (upright, upside down, sideways … = 360 °)
  • maximum extinguishing performance despite small size of the system
  • Spray behavior over the entire extinguishing period is virtually constant
  • maintenance-free or rather no maintenance costs within the service life of 5 years


  • free of propellants, aerosols and compressed air, therefore no risk of explosion – even at elevated temperatures
  • no danger of explosion in the disposal chain
  • usable in enclosed spaces, as no propellants can displace the air

Environmentally friendly

  • Extinguishing agent is biodegradable (non hazardous substance)
  • no extinguishing powder contamination possible, as liquid extinguishing agent is used
  • Any remains of the extinguishing agent can be easily wiped away after spraying

Fat burning in the kitchen

Demonstration of the extinguishing effect of Firecare-K300 for households