Also suitable for lithium-ion batteries: local-application fire-extinguishing system FABexx from CSI.

CSI refers to its FABexx system as the world’s first non-pressurized object extinguishing system. The system could be seen installed in a GSB dangerous goods system box at the booth of the cooperation partner Tectro. It is specially designed for indoor installation. and containers. If the ambient temperature rises above the pre-selected activation temperature, the system triggers automatically and dispenses the extinguishing agent through nozzles.


The extinguishing agent containers are made of reusable plastic. Located inside are silicone rubber balloons that expand when filled with extinguishing agent. These so-called Noatec Flexpack force elements dispense the extinguishing agent without propellant gases and regardless of any external energy source.

The system can be mounted in any orientation. By eliminating the use of flammable gases there is also no risk of explosion. For example, FABexx should be suitable for transporting Lithium-Ion batteries. It is the first local-application fire-extinguishing system that can be used in air transportation.

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