Home Safety & during Leisure

Home security & during Leisure:

The Firecare system in its design as a self-sufficient extinguishing system does not require any connection to external energy sources and control connections. Simply mount the module in the desired area and safety is then there where it is needed. In addition, the system is completely safe through the use of unpressurized dispensing modules. The extinguishing agents used do not contain any toxic or irritating substances, they are biodegradable and can be safely used in private, family areas such as the kitchen.

The Firecare system extinguishes fires in a matter of seconds through automatic detection and autonomous triggering. The pressurized gas and aerosol-free extinguishing system can be installed at critical points (e.g. cooking areas, galleys) without specific specialist knowledge. The use in boats, yachts, mobile homes and caravans is especially given by frost-proof extinguishing agents.

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On-/Off- & Test-Switch
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The advantages of Firecare:

  • self-sufficient system without external connections
  • very easy installation
  • unpressurized
  • highly efficient
  • compact design
  • no contamination by the system
  • the only compact extinguishing system with an acoustic warning signal
  • without any toxins and irritants
  • Biodegradable extinguishing agent

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