The GSB dangerous goods system box when closed.

CSI’s new GSB “Dangerous Goods System Box is a new addition to the GoStore Box”. It is used as an overpack to carry dangerous goods and can be upgraded with a GPS tracking system if needed. The contained packages are delivered with the load securing system “LasiFix” and held in their intended position. The storage of hazardous substances both inside and outside is also possible because the portable container meets the requirements of the Technical Rule for Hazardous Substances (TRGS) 510.

In addition, the system is suitable for transporting, among other things, faulty and damaged lithium-ion batteries. The world’s first automatic unpressurized local-application fire-extinguishing system “FABexx” is now in application. In the case of a fire, the system is triggered by a detection system at a preselected temperature. It works in any orientation (360 °) and fights the fire with targeted extinguishing nozzles. The energy-independent system does not require (flammable) propellants or aerosols. Therefore, there is no danger or risk of explosion, even at high temperatures.

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