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Industrial Safety

Safety for Transport and Logistics

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Innovative Technology

Automatic Fire Extinguishing Systems for Kitchens, Appliances & Systems, Industrial use, Transportation & Logistics and Aviation

The Firecare fire extinguishing system in its design as a self-sufficient extinguishing system does not require any to external energy and control connections. Simply mount the fire extinguisher module in the desired area and safety is there where it is needed. In addition, the system is completely safe through the use of unpressurized dispensing modules. The extinguishing agents used have no toxic or irritating substances and are biodegradable.

World’s first

The Firecare system provides reliable fire protection for homes (stoves, washing machines, fireplaces), for leisure and hobbies (motorhomes, motorboats) and for transportation (dangerous goods transport, aviation) and can be individually adapted to the required location.

Home Safety & during leisure

The extinguishing agents used doe not contain any toxic or irritating substances, are biodegradable and can be safely used in private, family areas such as the kitchen. Special frost-proof extinguishing agents are used in leisure time systems.

Industrial Safety

Our Firecare PRO S was specially designed for use in commercial and industrial environments. Its compact and self-sufficient design enables the system to be installed in hazardous areas and danger hotspots with little effort.

Safety for Transport and Logistics

The new "Dangerous Goods SystemBox GSB", is a new development of the GoStore-Box. It offers a solution to a multitude of problems which result during the transportation of dangerous goods or the storage of hazardous substances.

Safety for Equipment and Systems

The Firecare system requires no connection to external energy sources and control connections. It can be easily integrated into existing electrical appliances (stoves, washing machines) or fire-hazard systems (fuse box).

Safety for Aviation

The light and robust CSI hazardous goods boxes purposely extinguish hazardous dangerous goods fires within seconds and reliably prevent buildup of toxic gases in the cargo hold.

Innovative Technology

Due to its patented elastomeric force element, the system operates with a low liquid pressure of approx. 2 bar, but the spray behavior is virtually constant over the entire dispensing period.

Fat burn in the kitchen

Demonstration of the extinguishing effect of Firecare-K300 for households

Our Firecare-System at YouTube


Due to its extinguishing power, its handling and its dimensions, the system can be used in many areas, especially where there is a constant risk of fire or where the cause of the fire is difficult to access.